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As part of a lecture-demonstration at New England Conservatory, entitled “Mehter, Zildjian and the American Big Band”, Dr. Sanlıkol composed and premiered An Afro Semai. This piece, based on the semai usul (rhythmic cycle) from classical Ottoman/Turkish music, brings not only a jazz flavor to this usul but also introduces an African interpretation. In the tradition of classical Ottoman music different versions of the semai usul exist especially based on its tempo such as, the yürük semai and the sengin semai. Well, now we have the afro semai.


The line-up features,
Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol, kaba zurna
Tom Zajac, kaba zurna
Mark Zaleski, alto sax.
Jerry Sabatini, trumpet
Clayton DeWalt, trombone
Utar Artun, piano
Fernando Huergo, bass
Bertram Lehmann, nekkare
Cem Mutlu, kös
Engin Günaydın, drums