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Jazz Orchestra

This footage is from Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol’s BPC concert in 1997.

The ensemble was conducted by
Ken Pullig.

Bruce Nifong, alto sax.
Phil Stockli, alto sax., flute
Anat Cohen, tenor sax., clarinet
Ryan Woodward, tenor sax.
Thomas Trullson, bari. sax.
Kevin Hupe, trumpet
Wolfgang Hauptli, trumpet, flugel horn
David Stangarone, trumpet, flugel horn
Avishai Cohen, trumpet, flugel horn
Nick Vagenas, trombone
Nathan Paris, trombone
Ben Elkins, bass trombone
Nicolas Barry, guitar
Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol, moog realistic, piano
Christian Fabian, bass
Cengiz Baysal, drums

  • Harabat / The Intoxicated

    Orchestra with soloist

  • Palindrome


  • A princess who is in love with the color purple, Movement 1

    Flute & Piano