THE 7th DAY [Piano Trio]

THE 7th DAY [Piano Trio]

Composed by Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol — from “An Elegant Ritual” now available on ALL streaming platforms and Bandcamp: 

This video is a genuine reflection on the cycle of life.

Video directed and edited by Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol
Camera operators: Dr. Hüseyin Parkan Sanlıkol, Christo Tsiaras, William Mozes, Serap Kantarcı Sanlıkol, Suzi Sanlıkol, Rowan Guilderson, and a number of friends whom I cannot remember that filmed the footage from the 90s.

UMUT [Small Group]

UMUT/HOPE [Small Group]

This track featuring Erkan Oğur (fretless guitar) is from the album entitled “Dünya Size Güller Bize/For You The World, For Us The Roses”.