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New Album Released!



"The music is colorful, fanciful, full of rhythmic life, and full of feeling. The multiculturalism is not touristy, but rather sophisticated, informed, internalized; Sanlikol is a citizen of the world…and he could play a decisive role in music's future in the world." Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe

  • “An Elegant Ritual” EPK

    EPK for the album entitled “An Elegant Ritual” – official release date July 16, 2021 on DÜNYA – This trio album is modeled after the structure of a Sufi whirling (Mevlevi) dervish ritual …

  • A Vicious Murder

    Expanded Jazz Orchestra with soloist

    According to some, Rumi composed some of the most beautiful mystical poetry ever written after the murder of Shams (his beloved teacher and friend) by the people of Konya who were jealous of their close …

  • “THE RISE UP” – Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol & Whatsnext? featuring Dave Liebman EPK

    EPK for the album entitled “The Rise Up” – official release date August 21, 2020 on DÜNYA – “THE RISE UP: Stories of Strife, Struggle and Inspiration ” is an extended programmatic piece …

  • A Gentleman of Istanbul

    String Orchestra with soloist

    Symphony for Strings, Percussion, Piano, Oud, Ney, and Tenor I. Clocks and Bells of Vienna – Allegro II. Death of Kaya Sultan – Jazz Ballad III. Vegetarian Dervishes – Semai IV. Alexander the Great – …