UMUT [Small Group]

UMUT/HOPE [Small Group]

This track featuring Erkan Oğur (fretless guitar) is from the album entitled “Dünya Size Güller Bize/For You The World, For Us The Roses”.

Dere geliyor dere [AudioFact]

DERE GELİYOR DERE [with AudioFact (electric jazz band)]

This track is from AudioFact’s second album, entitled “Asitane” (Aura, 2003). “Dere geliyor dere” is a traditional Turkish folk song. This is a re-composition of the folk song by Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol.

Keloğlan [Cantata]

KELOĞLAN [Cantata]

Choreography: Johanna Hill Simpson
Story conceived by Serap Kantarci Sanlıkol, adapted by Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol, edited by Robert Labaree and Johanna Hill Simpson
PALS Children’s Chorus conducted by Johanna Hill Simpson (2005)