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“An Elegant Ritual” EPK

EPK for the album entitled “An Elegant Ritual” – official release date July 16, 2021 on DÜNYA – This trio album is modeled after the structure of a Sufi whirling (Mevlevi) dervish ritual …


“THE RISE UP” – Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol & Whatsnext? featuring Dave Liebman EPK

EPK for the album entitled “The Rise Up” – official release date August 21, 2020 on DÜNYA – “THE RISE UP: Stories of Strife, Struggle and Inspiration ” is an extended programmatic piece …


TEDx Talk

“Embracing an Uncomfortable Globalism”

I grew up in Turkey playing classical and Jazz piano while championing Western ideals. However, all of what I thought to be true was defeated by a simple Turkish folk song 7 years after my …


“Mehmet combines musical aspects of his native Turkish culture with first-rate big band arranging. It’s quite entertaining for the listener and on the highest level, musically speaking.”

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READ THE ENTIRE PROFILE. More info under the Whatsnext? tab


Introducing Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol & Whatsnext

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I am excited to announce a short tour I will be doing with my unique jazz band which pairs Turkish instruments such as zurna (double reed wind), ney (end-blown flute), kös (large kettledrums) and nekkare (small …


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Whatsnext, my new large jazz ensemble album, is now available for purchase through Bandcamp and iTunes or you can stream it through Spotify. Bandcamp CD: iTunes: spotify: Regattabar: DromNYC:  


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Whatsnext CD Release Concerts Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol will present his modern jazz compositions for big band as well as compositions specifically influenced by Turkish music for the jazz combo from his new album. Locations, Dates/Times, Prices:  Thurs., April …


Dün gece seyrim içinde / Last night I dreamt of…: Turkish Songs of Protest

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Dün gece seyrim içinde / Last night I dreamt of…: Turkish Songs of Protest Five musicians of the Dünya Ensemble on vocals and a wide range of traditional instruments offer a lively and varied program: classical compositions …


Kickstarter Campaign Donors

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$5 – 20  Erkan Altan Deniz-Ozan Jorge Bülent Bilir Michael Winograd $25 – 30 Can Tiryaki Christiane Karam Murat Arslan Steve Gruverman Mehmet Furkan Burak Marc Wolman Aaron Henry Emily Lau Soner Tünay Elka Raizel …


updates on upcoming concerts

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As a result of the current events which started at Istanbul’s Gezi Park our ensemble and Erkan Oğur do not feel that it will be appropriate to perform music in a festival environment. We are …